Violet Bridesmaid Dresses

The violet bridesmaid dress is commonly used in weddings due to the color’s cool vibe and classy look. The violet color really makes the bridesmaid stand out at the wedding.

Violet or purple is the result of blending a warm red and a cool blue. The color comes in many shades that almost every bridesmaid can find a hue that will enhance her skin tone as well as the color of her hair.

The color violet has been long associated with authority, royalty and majesty in ancient history. Examples were the emperors of Rome and Byzantine who all wore purple togas. It is one of the oldest colors used by men. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1164

Style 1164

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Bridesmaid Dress Style 974

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Bridesmaid Dress Style 730

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Style 386

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Style 165

Regal and sophisticated, violet is also associated with creativity and luxury. This is the reason why it is one of the most used colors in the fashion industry. Violet bridesmaid dresses really go well with a wide range of colors including white, silver, brown, orange, gold and green. Additionally, violet bridesmaid dresses can also be complemented with pastels in similar shades such as lavender, pale pink and pale blue.

Accessories for a Violet Bridesmaid Dress by Colors and Style:

Since violet is a cool color, it should be matched with warm colors such as yellow or orange. Accessories such as necklaces, shoes, hats and purses should be chosen within these color hues to enhance visual appeal and to complement the violet bridesmaid dress to create a beautiful wedding ensemble.

Many accessories coordinate or contrast instead of being a perfect match with a bridesmaid dress. Bridesmaid should also consider the style of a dress when choosing the right accessories.

A cocktail bridesmaid dress can be worn in formal or semi-formal weddings. The accessories for this style should match the stylistic tone of the bridesmaid dress whether classic elegance, seductive or flirtatious. Accessorized a cocktail violet bridesmaid dress with double strand string pearls.

Meanwhile, a short violet cocktail dress with lace or ruffles will look good with sparkly earrings. A necklace can be paired with earrings as long as they are not too distracting nor overwhelm the bridesmaid. As an example, a large and luxurious necklace will match perfect with unobtrusive earrings. Alternatively, large earrings will work well with a thin necklace. Bridesmaids can add charm to their ensemble by wearing bracelets or bangles, necklace or earrings of the same metal.

If wearing bracelets with stones, gems or beads, opt for neutral or clear colors. Bridesmaids can also wear bracelets with beads or stones that match the violet dress. Lighter shades of violet such as lavender will create a beautiful contrast.

Meanwhile, finding the right shoes that are comfortable to wear and look good on the bridesmaids are important. A nude or skin color pair of shoes will highlight the uniqueness of the color violet. The shoes can be combined with nude or black clutch.

Gold shoes will provide sparkle to a violet bridesmaid dress. Choose a gold tone that is not too bright and ornate so as not to overwhelm the total look. Silver is also a good color to complement a violet dress. Similarly, with gold, an appropriate shade of silver should be used so as not to contrast negatively with the violet bridesmaid dress.

Color blocking is also an option to complement a violet dress. Choosing colorful shoes such as pink, blue and salmon is a fashionable style.

Combining a violet bridesmaid dress with accessories and shoes of the same color is a classic choice. The whole ensemble will match and the accessories will not stand out more than the dress.

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