White Bridesmaid Dresses

White bridesmaid dresses are trending for 2017. Gone are the days when the color white was an exclusive for brides. Supermodel Cara Delevigne knew this when she wore a white dress to echo the bride, her sister Poppy Delevigne’s Chanel wedding gown.

The color white is an achromatic color, which means that it is a color without a hue. Due to the achromatic nature of the color white, it complements almost any color. White is the most common color in weddings. It is the traditional color for a bride's wedding gown and women always look beautiful in their white wedding gowns. [Continue reading..]

Flower Girl Dress Style 111501

Style 111501

Flower Girl Dress Style 116101

Style 116101

Flower Girl Dress Style 116501

Style 116501

Flower Girl Dress Style 121401

Style 121401

Flower Girl Dress Style 121801

Style 121801

Flower Girl Dress Style 126701

Style 126701

Flower Girl Dress Style 15401

Style 15401

Flower Girl Dress Style 33401

Style 33401

White bridesmaid dresses are perfect for a beach wedding. Actually, this color is so easy to incorporate in any wedding season or style. This cool shade would flatter any skin tone.

A bride need not worry that the attention would be taken away from her during the wedding. There are ways to incorporate a white bridesmaid dress without upstaging the bride.

Tips on Wearing a White Bridesmaid Dress

Keeping the bridesmaid dresses simple is important for a white dress bridal entourage. Designer Anne Barge suggests an ornamental gown for the bride and simple, streamlined silhouettes for her bridesmaids.

Contrast is a must for a successful all-white entourage. Adding simple accessories on bridesmaid dresses separates the bridesmaids from the bride. Sometimes all it takes is mixing accessories, skirt lengths and silhouettes. Subdued accessories or floral wreaths worn on the bridesmaids hair will create a distinguishing yet stunning effect. Simple bracelets or beaded headwear for the bridal party are also alluring.

The length of a dress is another way to distinguish the bride’s gown from that of her bridesmaids. Because the bride is the star of the day, it makes sense that she wears a long gown while her bridesmaids go for the shorter version.

Differentiation can also be done in terms of fabric. Creating a contrast in texture will ensure that the center of attention will be the bride. If the bridal gown is all lace, embellished or has a print, then the gowns of bridesmaids should be in satin cotton, solid white fabric, tulle or a silk crepe. The contrast will create a visual difference between the bride and her party while at the same time look gorgeous in photographs.

The bride should consider all the contrasting details when choosing her gown and those of her bridal party, from the structure, contour, texture to the neckline. V-neck, halter or strapless even in the same color and fabric can spell a big difference in the overall look of the bridal party.

The bride’s dress will always be the centerpiece of the party. If her gown has long sleeves then opt for strapless or thin straps for the bridesmaids. A cowl neck drape for bridesmaids will contrast beautifully with a structured style gown of the bride.

Unlike other colors, white is best use in a single shade. Bridesmaid dresses in colors with tonal options look gorgeous, but whites in different hues highlight the undertone of the color. Additionally, metallic colors such as gold or silver to complement the single shade of white.

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