Wine Bridesmaid Dresses

A wine bridesmaid dress can be considered a fashion trend. Despite that the trendiness of the wine color is seasonal, you can be sure of its return to the fashion scene often. This is due to the attractiveness of the color which transcends for all generations.

One special occasion that you can see a wine color dress being used all throughout the year is a wedding. Brides and bridesmaids can’t resist the elegant look of wine bridesmaid dresses. This color suits any style and design of a bridesmaid dress. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 1563

Style 1563

Aptly called wine, the color is a shade of dark red similar to red wine. The color name was officially recognized in 1705. Depending on the lighting, a wine color can sometimes have a purplish tinge. A wine color with a purple undertone is called burgundy.

Wine Bridesmaid Dress for any Wedding Season

The wine color is a spectacular choice for a winter or fall wedding. It will complement any jewel tone palette and accentuate any backdrop. For summer weddings, the vivid color of wine will surely make bridesmaid dresses a standout amid a sea of pastels and pinks that are the traditional colors during the season.

It is recommended to use seasonal hues and flowers to bring out the rich color of wine into a summer wedding palette. A color block pattern or a fun print is perfect in transitioning wine bridesmaid dresses for the summer season.

Mixing softer colors such as dusty rose would create mismatched bridesmaid look and give a lighter feel to wine dresses. Winter weddings do well with using heavy fabrics or dresses with airier feel.

The bold hue of wine also flatters many skin tones. The wine colored dresses versatility makes it an ideal color choice for an elegant black-tie wedding or a bohemian themed affair. Whether a wedding theme is whimsical or chic, there is always a wine hued dress that will complement any bridesmaid style.

Accessorizing Wine Colored Bridesmaid Dresses

The vividness of the wine color will be brought out if paired with white, medium gray and black. The style of the bridesmaid dress as well as the type of wedding will dictate the kind of accessories to wear.

Any kind of jewelry in either light or dark shade may be appropriate for informal weddings. A strapless dress may be adorned with a pair of chandelier or drop earrings, statement necklaces and chunky bracelets.

Meanwhile, a halter neck dress can get away without a necklace for the neckline of the dress is attractive enough. Smaller drop earrings and bracelets would complete the look.

Formal weddings call for subtle and muted jewelry. Wear jewelry that sparkles or glitters in the light such as earrings in plain gold or silver and a tennis bracelet. Avoid loud or flashy jewelry or color stones. If there is a need to wear jewelry with colored stones, choose amethyst as it will work best with a wine colored dress.

Fashion experts agree that a sophisticated bridesmaid dress needs simple jewelry while bolder or detailed jewelry can be paired with a simple dress style.

Wine is a solid and warm color and can be paired with various shoes in different styles and colors. As with accessories, choosing the style and type of shoes to pair with a wine bridesmaid dress will depend on the time and venue of the wedding.

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