Wisteria Bridesmaid Dresses

The wisteria bridesmaid dress is a versatile choice for weddings because the color suits any theme or atmosphere. The wisteria shade pairs well with a wide variety of colors. The color wisteria can be a great source of inspiration for the bride to be in helping choose additional colors for the wedding.

Inspired from a flower, Wisteria which has a light lavender color. The light violet color is a perfect choice for spring weddings. Wisteria bridesmaid dresses look stunning when paired with other pastel colors such as daffodil, sage and blue. The combinations add a soft, romantic appeal to weddings. [Continue reading..]

Bridesmaid Dress Style 986

Style 986

Bridesmaid Dress Style 990

Style 990

Bridesmaid Dress Style 991

Style 991

Bridesmaid Dress Style 730

Style 730

Bridesmaid Dress Style 732

Style 732

Bridesmaid Dress Style 740

Style 740

Bridesmaid Dress Style 749

Style 749

Bridesmaid Dress Style 768

Style 768

Bridesmaid Dress Style 479

Style 479

Bridesmaid Dress Style 484

Style 484

Bridesmaid Dress Style 485

Style 485

Bridesmaid Dress Style 492

Style 492

Bridesmaid Dress Style 496

Style 496

Bridesmaid Dress Style 498

Style 498

Bridesmaid Dress Style 386

Style 386

The light shade color of wisteria also pairs perfect with any pale colors such as pinks, yellows and light blue. The natural color of wisteria would also combine well with monochromatic colors such as all shades and tints of blues and purples.

Types of Necklines for Wisteria Bridesmaid Dress

When choosing a wisteria bridesmaid dress, a neckline can make a difference in a look that flatters a figure, face and also accentuates a bridesmaid’s less than perfect body part.

Choosing the right wisteria bridesmaid dress can make a bridesmaid appear taller, slimmer and more stylish.  In making the right selection, the necklines should complement the bridesmaids  body frame, wardrobe and personal style.

The choice of a neckline can alter the total look of a bridesmaid. Brides can provide guidance to their bridesmaids in determining which necklines would work best for them and which style should be avoided. They have to factor in the bust size, height, neck length and face shape.

The V neckline provides a vertical impression to the wisteria bridesmaid dresses. The neckline style creates a longer, leaner and taller silhouette and it is universally flattering. This is a popular choice for most body types because it creates a balanced look. The style draws the eyes upward to the face, enhances the neck and elongates the body.

Square necklines are also suitable for most body types. The neckline style would show off the collarbone and decollate region of the bridesmaid’s body to make her appear longer and leaner. This neckline is ideal for bridesmaids with big bust as it provides a sophisticated frame to her decollate but would not reveal too much cleavage.

The turtleneck or high neckline style has an extended tight fitting collar that tends to create volume in the bridesmaid’s neck area. The style is suited for bridesmaids who want to offset a long face or neck. However, proportion is a very important factor when wearing a turtleneck. This style requires that there is enough space between the top of the turtleneck and the bridesmaid’s chin to avoid the look where her head seems to be detached from the rest of her body.

A wisteria dress with a sweetheart neckline elongates the face and creates a proportional balance to the overall silhouette of a bridesmaid. The style forms two curves like a heart shape at the bust line that rises over the bridesmaid’s underarms and high over her breasts. It provides sufficient coverage to the breasts while accentuating the cleavage.

The strapless or tube neckline style is a favorite among many women. The style shows off the neck and arms and can be flattering to bridesmaids who have a small bust line and wide shoulders.

Lastly, when making an informed decision, think about how you would want your bridesmaids to be perceived and what kind of a neckline would best flatter their body.

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